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Looks franchise model
Looks franchise model divided the responsibilities and revenue share as follows. Franchisee is essentially responsible for sales management in the local market while looks is responsible for performing training and providing management support. The franchise model is built on the following pillars.

  • A robust business opportunity with a win-win formula generating high returns for the franchisees.
  • Strong brand that stand for transparency and delivering on its promise.
  • Access to the most advanced global technology and systems, which ensure delivery of quality service to clients.
  • Very high focus on training in every aspect of the business.
  • Start-up manual which helps the franchisee to get started, defining each and every detail of infrastructure, layout, interior design, equipment, launch activity, etc.
  • Access to top quality management team to support the business in all aspects including marketing, sales, operations, database management etc.
  • A strong system of lead generation and management.

Why franchising?
CEO and architect of this franchising strategy said “the best thing about franchising is that it combines company systems with franchisee local expertise to delivery faster growth and value creation. We were very clear that our model should be based on principles of partnership, honesty, fairness and entrepreneurship. We spent some time in developing a fair and mutually beneficial franchise proposition and finally came up with this unique win-win model.”

Our offerings:
We provide a wide range of services such as hair replacements, salon and spa services, hair extensions for females.


  • Hair systems
  • Shampoo for sensigraft hair
  • Conditioner for sensigraft hair
  • Conditioner for spray for sensigraft hair
  • Adhesives
  • Tapes

Expectations from aspiring franchisees
The company expects the aspiring franchisee to have an established setup, local business alignment, data of suitable clients, continuous involvement the brand & objectives. Above all, the company looks for people who are driven by a commitment to quality, success & in everything they do.

Franchise facts:

  • Break-even:6-12 months
  • Area required: 1500-200 sqft.

Why should you opt for Looks Franchise?

  • Excellent industry with huge growth potential
  • Opportunity to partner with the credible hair replacement company
  • 15 years of pedigree in service management
  • 5 years of standardized company management
  • Well and good frained staff
  • Wide range of products and services provided
  • franchise friendly management
  • low investment and high returns
  • branded post-care treatment products
  • no unforeseen costs
  • site selection assistance
  • extensive training in looks total care system, CRM Software
  • access to continuous research & development updates of looks academy
  • complete looks operations & franchise manuals
  • launching assistance
  • on-going operational & management support
  • customer lead generation through websites & advertisement in electronic media.

In conversation with CEO
Share with us your Entrepreneurial Journey
With a huge market potential for hair loos industry and the beauty industry growing at 35% year on year, Looks has a very promising future in India today. We are proud to have developed a platform that can do justice to this market potential. We are flexible in our approach and constantly developing different franchise/partnership models to expand across India.  It is our ambition to make Looks totally accessible to our clients anywhere in India, and make a difference to their lives.

What factors do you think are responsible for the popularity of the concept in India?
We Indians are highly conscious of our looks and give a lot of importance to our hair. We are not scared to spend on treatments provided the results are assured. Unfortunately, the market is full of players who make tall promises to cure hair loss or re-grow hair but may not deliver. Looks stands tall amongst such players being the only system which offers comprehensive and credible solutions to its clients, as validated by innumerable celebrity clients. We are already getting 1000 enquiries every month from all over the country. This number should grow rapidly in the coming months, with our expansion plans.

What do you have to say about Looks as a franchise opportunity?
Looks is a very strong brand and is the credible leader in hair replacement technology. It is the exclusive pioneering technology delivers guaranteed natural results with well-defined processes and a unique franchise model to drive growth. We have all the ingredients of success. Management depth, technology, systems, processes etc. like in any business, do not expect the brand and systems alone to deliver results. if someone is committed to success through an engaged partnership. Looks is a great win-win opportunity!